New York is all about the hustle

Responsibilities: Creative Director| Director| Videographer

My Team: Me | Gabriela | Alexandria

Tools: Mirrorless Camera| Premier Pro| AfterEffects |

background 📖

A part of New York DNA

Stacked high with books old and new and surrounded by iconic dollar carts, the Strand is the go-to bookstore for many New Yorkers, thriving since 1927. The Strand is one of the few literary paradises staying strong despite the trend of independent bookstores closing to the likes of Amazon, online booksellers, and e-reading devices.

the problem

Are bookstores like
the Strand outdated

Strand was on the verge of closing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The business has seen a massive decline in revenue. With revenue dropping by 70% in 2020. With juggernauts like Amazon gaining traction. It's become hard for classic bookstore to survive in this new digital retail market.   


Take it back
to the streets
of New York

Showcase the extraordinary ways New Yorkers
continue to hustle even during hardships

Concept Board

A man is walking through Union Square, when he comes across a group of chess players. He is interested and decided to join in on a game. Due to his lack of skills, he was easily defeated. In a fury of rage he slams the table, knocking over all the chess pieces and then processed to leave the park on his skateboard. He comes across the Strand and decides to learn more about the game of chess. This was the beginning of the man story as he gets pulled into a subculture that he never knew existed……………………………  

Story Board

Outcomes + Reflection + Next Steps 🧠

What did I learn?

That New York need jems like Strand. Its become the brain of NYC and a place where people can be more. In the future I would love to add more commercials that feature New Yorkers doing what they do best learning the art of hustling