Sauce being drizzled on rib

How can we make Dallas BBQ more saucy?

Responsibilities: Creative Director| Designer| 3D Model

My Team: Mariko| Genique| Lijia

Tools: Photoshop| Illustrator| AfterEffects | Dimension

background 📖

Sauce is the boss !

The original Dallas BBQ opened on the Upper West Side in 1978. The EV location debuted at some point in the 1980s

Customers love the casual, affordable and super fun vibes.

the problem

Lost its edge

Dallas BBQ has been around for a long time and has lost its edge.


Missing the Sauce

To reignite the fire that was Dallas BBQ. I had to start understanding the big picture and the problem, I examined the big players in the market. Dive deep into what makes Dallas BBQ so unique amongst the other BBQ brands.

Market research 💬

I came up with the following conclusions

Customer hate Lifeless and bland with no sense of flavor type of BBQ joints.

Its all about how integrated you are with the community. Customer disliked brands that was only there to profit.

Its all about the saucy conversations created by love ones enjoying a good meal. Presentation is everything.

Brand Strategy🧑🧑

Branding System💎


Outcomes + Reflection + Next Steps 🧠

What did I learn?

What I discovered during my research phase was interesting. Dallas BBQ is exclusive only to NYC. So our biggest challenge was keeping NYC elements, while connecting it to BBQ culture from Texas. My favorite thing about this project was learning about the community connections that drives Dallas BBQ.