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Tourist spends lots of money at Jamaica but the money hardly reaches the locals.

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background 📖

The island of many one people

Welcome to Jamaica, a tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean! Picture lush mountains, enchanting rainforests, and beaches straight out of your dreams, with vibrant coral reefs hugging the shores. When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, you'll find them cozying up in Montego Bay, flaunting that charming British-colonial architecture, and sprinkled around Negril, the ultimate hub for underwater adventurers with its mind-blowing dive and snorkel spots.

the problem

Locals are missing out
on a piece of the pie

The Jamaican tourism industry appears to predominantly favor the hotels rather than directly benefiting the local residents of the island.


Wah Gwaan

Focus on the magic of that the people of Jamaica brings to the table. Bring Jamaica and its rich history, culture and its incredible people to the forefront.

research 💬

I came up with the following conclusions

People don't really get to know the locals

Jamaica is not Jamaica without Jamaicans

No one really leaves the resorts

Man blowing fire from mouth

Outcomes + Reflection + Next Steps 🧠

What did I learn?

Jamaica is an incredible country filled with amazingly rich culture. The people are the gems of the island and I would love connect deeper in my roots to learn more about the island of Jamaica